Amigurumi Pattern Premium: The Little Satyr Xylon

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This tender satyr came to our lives to participate in the contest of designs of Amigurumi Patterns of 2017 “Cute Fantasy Creatures”. To our surprise, he obtained the position # 22 of a total of 700 participants! … To thank for the 799 votes that our little one has received, we have created his pattern so that everyone who wants it can have a Xylon in your life  ◕‿◕

Xylon is our sweet satyr, one of the characters more famous of Greek mythology and a peculiar creature, is half human and half goat.
We choose his name because it means “from the forest”, place where he lives together with other beings.
He’s sympatic and cheerful. Enjoys much with the music, and every day likes to get together with his friends, the nymphs, to play beautiful songs

We welcome the little Xylon!!!

What do you say? Do you dare to have your own Xylon?
He’s wanting it

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