Our Amigurumis

Japanese culture has given us something as wonderful as the art of Amigurumis.

Thanks to his techniques we have been able to create each of our amigurumis and we are grateful for that.

From the moment we take a crochet hook and a yarn, begins a beautiful travel to the imagination, where every moment is to live and enjoy it.

As we love all our amigurumis, we make a compilation so that you can enjoy them with us, each one of them has its own history and they want to tell you …

In the name of each amigurumi you will find the link to meet them. 
We are working on the translations, so we will add when we finish each one. We will indicate with “English version” in the link, those that already have their translation.

(Click aquí para versión en Español)


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Teddy Poly
“Poly” Teddy Bear – English Version
Kitten Mía
Kitten “Mía” – English Version
Bunny Chloe
Bunny “Chloe” – English Version
Lion Lyon
Lion “Lyon” – English Version
Kitten Misha
Kitten “Misha” – English Version
Kittens Agatha &  Argus
Kittens Agatha & Argus – English Version
Kitten Bianca
Kitten Bianca – English Version
Tango Persian
Kitten Tango – Without Pattern
Sweetheart Bears
Sweet Heart Bears – English Version
Teddy Bear
“Teddy” Bear – English Coming Soon
Kuma's Bear Family
Kuma’s Bear Family – English Version 
 Kawaii Keychains
Kawaii Keychains – English Version
Alfa Giraffe
Alfa Giraffe – English Version
Melman & Pi
Melman & Pi – English Version
Puppy Peter Schnauzer
Puppy “Peter” – English Coming Soon
Puppy Coco Doberman
Puppy “Coco” –English Coming Soon
Elephant Emma
Elephant “Emma” – English Coming Soon
Reindeer Baby Rudolph
Baby Rudolph – English Version
Blankets Baby "Reina y Ares"
Blankets “Reina & Ares” – English Coming Soon
Sweet Bunny
Sweet Bunny – English Coming Soon

Owls Pattern – English Version
Little Kawaii
Little Kawaii – English Version
Baby Blanket Anahí Bunny
Baby Blanket Anahí Bunny – English Version
Easter Bunny "Pascal"
Bunny “Pascal” – English Version

Melman’s Baby Kit – English Version

Koalas Gina & Dante – English Version
Roger Mouse
Roger Mouse – English Version
Piwi Penguin
Piwi Penguin – English Version

Heart Pattern – English Version
Chloe Y Mia 2.0
Chloe & Mia 2.0


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Gatita Misha
Kitten “Misha” – English Version
Ghost Boo
Ghost Boo – English Version
Mummy & Bob Halloween
Mummy & Bob – English Version

Sam the cat – English Version


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Pokémon Pikachu
Pokémon Pikachu – English Version
Pokémon Cosmog
Pokémon Cosmog – English Version
Pokémon Mimikyu
Pokémon Mimikyu – English Version
Pokémon Stufful
Pokémon Stufful – English Version
Pusheenicorn – English Version
Sunflower Plants vs. Zombies
Sunflower P vs Z – English Coming Soon
Minion Batman
Minion Batman – English Coming Soon
Minion Goku
Minion Goku – English Version (Coming Soon)

Our patterns are copyrighted and are for personal use only. You are NOT authorized to publish, share or sell them (totaly or in part) in any language.
If you wish to share this pattern, you may link of our publication but please do not reprint it on your site. You are allowed to share the images of our amigurumis (without their pattern) as long as they name Tarturumies as their author and are accompanied by the link of our publication.
It is also you may sell products made from this pattern on a small scale, but please clearly credit the design to us “Tarturumies”, and provide a link to our blog www.tarturumies.com. Please mention us “Tarturumies” in your finalish work.
You are NOT authorized to granted for mass production or factory manufacturing of any kind. 

Thank you for your participation !!!