Resobox Gallery: World Amigurumi Exhibition Vol. 5

Have you ever heard of the “World Amigurumi Exhibition” held annually at the Japan Culture Center “RESOBOX” located in New York City?

Today we will talk a little about it. The “World Amigurumi Exhibition” is the International Amigurumis Exhibition organized by the Japanese cultural center RESOBOX in Long Island, New York City. This center is dedicated to sharing and celebrating Japanese influence in the arts. They organized this exhibition once a year presenting amigurumis from all corners of the world. 

Each year more than 100 artists participate representing their countries and showcasing the beautiful art of amigurumis internationally. This is a unique exhibition in that it is not highlighting an individual artist, but a concept. The concept, amigurumi, is a culture that began in Japan, but is now appreciated by crochets and knitters around the world. Resobox Gallery was so inspired by the amount of amigurumi artists that they decided to embark on a trip to create an exhibition would show the global and united love of this wonderful craft 

On this fifth volume of 2019-2020 exhibition we has had the privilege of being able to participate together with fantastic artists from 42 different countries. But that is not all, we have been able to attend the inauguration in NYC, help the Resobox team to assemble the exhibition and the best of the experience, to be able to see all these cute amigurumis together… in person!!!

This year the theme of the exhibition is “Amigurumis based on Endangered Species” and we have decided to represent the species Giant Devil Ray.
This species is a ray, the largest in its genus Mobula, is endanger of extinction and its natural habitat is the Mediterranean coast.
Although we are Argentines, we live in Spain many years ago, so our home is here today, right on the Mediterranean coast. For this reason and because we love the sea, have chosen to represent Ray without any doubt. We must take care of the planet, so the Resobox initiative in giving a space to endangered species has seemed a great idea, with this we can collaborate and raise awareness on such a topic important like this.

Our sweet Ray along with several of our designs will be looking for those special people to give them a new home, they will be waiting for them at the exhibition and we hope that those who decide to adopt them will love them as much as we do

If you are near New York City or are planning to travel there, we invite you to visit the exhibition and get carried away by the creativity and special essence that thousands of adorable amigurumi designs convey.

For us it has been a unique experience, we have met wonderful people, including Takashi Ikezawa, he is the one who has organized this great exhibition together with a great team of people who have dedicated their best to make the exhibition a success. .. thanks Resobox for giving us the possibility to enjoy a new stage in the magical world of amigurumis 

Go on a video tour of 2019’s World Amigurumi Exhibition Vol.5!


December 9, 2019 – March 31, 2020

41-26 27th Street, Long Island City, NY 11101 (map below)

WEBSITE (exhibition link)

If you make amigurumis and want to participate in the following exhibition, do not hesitate to contact the Resobox team, they will be happy to guide you to make this possible and live an unforgettable experience … do not miss it! 。◕‿◕。