Amigurumi Pattern: Pusheenicorn – Pusheen Unicorn Cat

Once again, here we’re and very well accompanied !!! … On July 15 we have been an anniversary, our 4th year sharing unique moments with all of you.
To celebrate it we want to give you a nice surprise, as a gift we bring you our humble version of the little Pusheen Unicorn Cat also known as Pusheenicorn, character created by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff.
These two great artists created Pusheen in 2010 for a comic on their website, Everyday Cute. They were inspired by Pusheen’s name with the Irish word puisin, which means “kitty” in Irish. Many people believe that Pusheen is a male cat but nooooo! She is a sweet little cat with a big family.
Pusheenicorn is one of the many varieties in which Pusheen has been personified and is one of our favorites ♥♥♥

We welcome the Pusheen Cat < Pusheenicorn > 

Next you’ll find the step-by-step crochet free pattern to make an amigurumi Cat Pusheen keychain < Pusheenicorn > and also the option to download the free PDF and to collect. 

Click aquí para versión en Español

What do you need to start? …


– ch = chain stitch
– cm = centimeters
– dec = decrease
– FO = fasten off
– inc = increase
– mm = millimeters
– mr = magic ring
– sc = single crochet
– sl st = slip stitch
– st = stitch
– rep   = repeat
– rnd. = round(s)
– * * x…= repeat instructions in asterisks … times 
Continuous round = Crochet all followed, without closing the rounds < remember to help you with a stitch marker to know where the next round starts >.
Worked in Rows =
Crochet in a base of chains and turning the crochet at the end each row.


Yarns <for crochet hook 3mm – 3.5mm / width: 1mm measured with centimeter – 5 ply – sport>
Colors: Light Gray – Dark Gray – Light Pink – White – Light Blue – Yellow – Lilac
– Fine Black cotton thread < to embroider whiskers and mouth>
– Fiberfill < for stuffing >
6mm Safety Eyes < 0,24 inches – diameter approx. >
– Key chain
2,5mm Hook < Clover Amour – UK 12 >
– Yarn Needle < to sew and embroider >
– Scissors 
– Stitch Markers < they’re very useful to mark the first stitch of each round and not get lost – If you don’t have it, you can replace it with a safety pin or with a piece of yarn of another color to see it easily >

Let’s start with the instructions …

Before starting with the body, cut a long light gray strand and set it aside for later use.


Work in continuous round with light gray color
Round 1.- Magic Ring (6)
Round 2.- *1inc* x6 (12)
Round 3.- *1sc, 1inc* x6 (18)
Round 4.- *2sc, 1inc* x6 (24)
Round 5.- *3sc, 1inc* x6 (30)
Round 6.- *4sc, 1inc* x6 (36)
Rounds 7 / 15.- 1sc in each st (36)
Round 16.- *10sc, 1dec* x3 (33)
Round 17.- 1sc in each st (33)
Round 18.- *9sc, 1dec* x3 (30)
Round 19 / 22.- 1sc in each st (30)
Stop crocheting for a moment, leave the marker on and don’t FO. Stuff in a bit and continue with the following 3 steps:
1st – Place the safety eyes, for this, count up 10sc (do it from the marker – follow the left below image). Between 9sc and 10sc place the right eye (your right) but on Rnds. 4 / 5 counting them from top to bottom. Leave 6sc of distance between both eyes (count 6sc on Rnd.4).
2nd –  Embroider the nose and mouth with the fine black thread and in the middle of the eyes between Rnds. 4 / 5.
3rd – Sew with the light gray strand the center to divide the ears (use the strand that you have separated at the beginning). Put the marker in front of you and count to the left (like when you crocheting) 12sc and sew the next 3sc (would be # 13, 14 and 15) along with the facing sc back, they would be the first 3sc counting from the marker towards the right (guide yourself with the right below image). You’ll have to keep 12sc free on each side for the ears.


Resume the work in continuous round – you’ll crochet the two ears separately.
Once you’ve divided the 12sc free on each side, resume from the marker and start the 1st ear.
Round 23.- 1sc in each st (12)
24.- *2sc, 1dec* x3 (9)
Round 25.- *1sc, 1dec* x3 (6)
Round 26.- *1dec* x3 (3) < if you know how to close with a yarn needle, close directly without decreasing this row >.
FO. Stuff the 1st ear a bit, using the hole that is free of the 2nd ear.
Start the 2nd ear by crocheting on the side of the face, next to the central 3sc sewn (follow with the right above image), repeat Rnd.23 to Rnd.26. Upon arriving at Rnd.24 stuff a bit with the help of the crochet hook.
Finally, sew the holes that you can keep with the help of the yarn needle (see left below image).

…LEGS (4 pieces)…

Work in continuous round with light gray color
Round 1.- Magic Ring without closing (5) 
Work like the normal magic ring but don’t close it, finish at the end of 5sc. They are shaped like semicircles.

Sew the lower legs between Rnds. 6 / 8 (counting from below) and sew the upper legs somewhat loose between Rnds. 13 / 14 (counting from below – guide yourself with the right above image).

Embroider the whiskers with the fine black thread at the sides of the eyes. Also embroider her cheeks with the light pink color and finally embroider with the dark gray color 3 lines between the ears and 2 lines in the back between Rnds. 13 / 14 and Rnds. 16 / 17 (counting from below – to embroider everything, guide yourself with the images above and below).


Work in continuous round with white color
Round 1.- Magic Ring (3)
Round 2.- *1inc* x3 (6)
Rounds 3 / 5.- 1sc in each st (6)
FO. leaving a long tail.

…HAIR (3 pieces)…

Work in a row and make: 1 in light pink – 1 in light blue – 1 in yellow
Start with 16ch + 1ch to climb (17)
Row 1.- 1sc in each st (16). When you finish the last sc, make again 16ch + 1ch to climb and repeat row 1. Do it one more time, you’ll have 3 strips attached for each color (image below). FO. leaving a long tail.


Work in a row and combines the colors lilac, light blue and light pink
< Start with lilac color > Make 16ch + 1ch to climb (17)
Row 1.- 1sc in each st (16). When you finish the last sc it changes to the light blue color, make again 16ch + 1ch to climb and repeat the row 1. Do it once again changing to the light pink color, you’ll have 3 strips joined (image below). FO. leaving a long tail.


Guide yourself with the image below to sew the parts …

  1. Sew the base of the tail centered between Rnds. 6 / 8 (counting from the bottom). Bring the tips forward and sew them between the legs.
  2. Sew the hair strands, one above the other, on the top and in the following order:
    1st down: the light blue strips – 2nd in the middle: the yellow strips – 3rd up: the light pink strips (leave place between the ears to sew the horn).
  3. Sew the horn between the ears.
  4. Finally, place a key chain on the base of the horn so you can take it with you wherever you go … Pusheenicorn will be your best travel companion!

Ready!!! Enjoy your sweet Pusheenicorn!

To download the pattern in PDF of our adorable Pusheenicorn just go to the link below and choose the language. You can enjoy it and add to the Tarturumies pattern collection!!

List of languages available for downloading the pattern
Español – English (US Terms)

Click aquí para versión en Español

Cheer up and bring us your story, tell us why you have chosen our little kitten and share her with us !!!

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