Amigurumi Pattern: Sam – Halloween Black Cat

On this Halloween, little Sam has arrived to conquer our hearts and that of our little witch ♥♥♥

Our sweet Úrsula was looking for an adventure companion for that important night and we couldn’t resist her request, she needed to have someone special by her side and this little kitty a friend to have fun with him.

You may wonder … and who is Úrsula? Well, she is our cute little witch, a design we made for Halloween of 2018 and that is available in our Etsy Shop.
Her mission last year was to get the most candy to create a magic potion in her cauldron. A potion that according to legend, would allow her to convert everything she touched into candy and that’s how it has been! , she got a lot of sweets and this year, they may get many more with Sam’s help.

All our dolls have their leal companions and we could not let Ursula remain alone, so, today we bring happy the free pattern of little Sam, you can enjoy him in this Halloween, which more than terrifying will be super tender next to him 

We welcome < Sam > the Halloween Black Cat

Next you’ll find the step-by-step crochet free pattern, to make an amigurumi of Sam the cat, for the moment you will not have the option to download the PDF, we are working on it, meanwhile you can enjoy him right here. 

If you want to collaborate so we can continue creating new designs, you can do it by purchasing our Premium Patterns in our Etsy Shop, there you will find the little Ursula who will be happy to meet again her sweet kitten, and we will be very grateful

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Let’s do it … What do you need to start? …


  • ch = chain stitch
  • cm = centimeters
  • dec = decrease
  • FO = fasten off
  • inc = increase
  • mm = millimeters
  • mr = magic ring
  • sc = single crochet 
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • st = stitch
  • rep   = repeat
  • rnd. = round(s)
  • * * x…= repeat instructions in asterisks … times 
  • Continuous round = Crochet all followed, without closing the rounds < remember to help you with a stitch marker to know where the next round starts >.
  • Worked in Rows = Crochet in a base of chains and turning the crochet at the end each row.


  • Cotton Yarns (for hooks 4mm / 1,5mm measured with centimeter (0.059 inches) / 8 ply / DK / light worsted)
      Colors: Black – Violet
  • Cotton Yarns (for hooks 3,5mm / 1mm measured with centimeter (0.039 inches) / 5 ply / sport)
      Colors: Light Pink – Pink Old – White
  • Fiberfill (for stuffing)
  • 9mm Safety Eyes (0.35 inches – diameter approx.)
  • Small Bell
  • Sewing thread according to the collar (to sew the bell)


  • 2,5mm Hook (Clover Amour – UK 12)
  • Yarn Needle (to sew and embroider the face)
  • Sewing Needle (for the bell)
  • Scissors / Centimeter or Ruler

… Let’s start …

… HEAD …

Work in continuous round with black color.
Round 1.- Magic Ring (6)
Round 2.- *1inc* x6 (12)
Round 3.- *1sc, 1inc* x6 (18)
Round 4.- *2sc, 1inc* x6 (24)
Round 5.- *3sc, 1inc* x6 (30)
Rounds 6 – 9.- 1sc in each st (30)
Round 10.- 11sc, 1ch (skip 1sc of the base), 6sc, 1ch (skip 1sc of the base), 11sc (30)
Round 11.- 7sc, *2sc, 1inc* x5, 8sc (35)
Round 12.- 
1sc in each st (35)
Round 13.- 
7sc, *2sc, 1dec* x5, 8sc (30)
Round 14.- 
*3sc, 1dec* x6 (24)
Place the safety eyes in the holes of the Rnd.10.
Round 15.- *2sc, 1dec* x6 (18)
Round 16.- *1sc, 1dec* x6 (12)
Stuff the head as you crochet. FO, leaving a long tail.

… BODY …

Work in continuous round with black color.
Round 1.- Magic Ring (6)
Round 2.- *1inc* x6 (12)
Round 3.- *1sc, 1inc* x6 (18)
Round 4.- *2sc, 1inc* x6 (24)
Rounds 5 – 7.- 1sc in each st (24)
Round 8.- *6sc, 1dec* x3 (21)
Round 9.- 
*5sc, 1dec* x3 (18)
Round 10.- 
1sc in each st (18)
Round 11.- 
*4sc, 1dec* x3 (15)
Round 12.- 1sc in each st (15)
Round 13.- *3sc, 1dec* x3 (12)
Stuff the body as you crochet. FO, leaving a long tail.

… EARS (2 pieces) …

Work in continuous round with black color.
Round 1.- Magic Ring (3)
Round 2.- *1inc* x3 (6)
Round 3.- 1sc in each st (6)
FO, leaving a long tail.

… LEGS (4 pieces) 

Work in continuous round with black color.
Round 1.- Magic Ring (7)
Rounds 2 – 5.- 1sc in each st (7)
Don’t stuff. FO, leaving a long tail.

… TAIL …

Work in continuous round with black color.
Round 1.- Magic Ring (5)
Rounds 2 – 8.- 1sc in each st (5)
Don’t stuff. FO, leaving a long tail.


Work in rows with violet color.
Start with: 15ch + 1ch to climb (15 + 1)
Row 1.-
1sc in each st (15)
FO, leaving a long tail.


1.- Embroider the eyelids with a yarn of the same color as the head. Give 1 turn over the safety eye. Then embroider with white yarn a line under the safety eye.

2.- Embroider the nose, with old pink yarn, on the Rnd.11 and centered between the eyes.

3.- Embroider the whiskers, with white yarn, between Rnds.10 / 11 and at the sides of the eyes.

4.- Embroider several lines on the ears with light pink yarn, turn several times.

5.- Sew the ears to the head, between Rnds.4 and 6 (counting from the top).

6.- Sew the below legs to the body, between Rnds.8 and 9 (counting from the top).

7.- Sew the top legs to the body, between Rnds.2 and 3 (counting from the top).

8.- Sew the tail to the body, between Rnds.3 and 4 (counting from the bottom) and centered between the below legs.

9.- Sew the head, already armed and centered, on the body.

10.- Sew the bell in the middle of the collar and then the collar around the cat’s neck.

*  *  *  *  Ready sweet Sam *  *  *  * 

¡¡¡ Enjoy him !!!

Click aquí para versión en Español

Cheer up and bring us your story, tell us why you have chosen our little Sam and share him with us!!!


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