Amigurumi Pattern: Pokémon Mimikyu


Pokémon Mimikyu Tarturumies

We love Pokémon since we were little . They are very tender and we really enjoy creating them as Amigurumis.

Mimikyu is one of the new Pokémon of the last generation Sun / Moon; Is based on a Pikachu disguise of 20 years ago, and is said to have adopted this form because he wanted to be so popular and loved by people like Pikachu.

It has conquered us as soon as we knew its history, we could not pass the time to do it and soon we started to create it !!!.

It has been our second Pokémon and we are very happy to have done it to share it with all of you.

Pokémon Mimikyu Tarturumies

To download the pattern in PDF of our Mimikyu just go to the link below and choose the language. You can enjoy it and add it to the Tarturumies pattern collection!!

List of languages available for downloading the pattern
Español – English

Click aquí para versión en Español.

Cheer up and bring us your story, tell us why you have chosen our Mimikyu and share him with us !!!

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  • Benjamin Colvin

    It won’ let me download the pattern without sending me to get “new software”. Is there any other way I can get it because I NEED this Pokemon in my life!

  • Selene Wolfe

    Hi I’m having trouble with the wavy part of the body. I do the 4 single crochet, turn it, but then it said do decrease 2 times and turn decrease 1… Then it says to 4 slip stitches back to the main body which isn’t possible… Should the decrease really be double crochet instead? Since that was listed in the abbreviations but not used anywhere. Thanks for your help!

    • Tarturumies

      Hi Selene 🙂

      Send us an email to [email protected] so we can explain the steps there.