Amigurumi Pattern: Reindeer Baby Rudolph

Reindeer Baby Rudolph by Tarturumies

Hi everyone!!!
We welcome the Christmas of this year with a new project… Our sweet BABY RUDOLPH!!!

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Reindeer < Baby Rudolph >

Last month, we’ve been working and thinking up a Christmas surprise, and the result was our little Rudolph. Today, December 8, is the day of “INMACULADA CONCEPCIÓN” in Spain and other countries. In Argentina is the day of “VIRGIN MARY”, where tradition is to set up the Christmas tree. At this beautifull day, where we rest and share time with family, we bring you our sweet reindeer, to form part of your home at this Christmas ♥  ♥  ♥

Reindeer Baby Rudolph by Tarturumies

Rudolph is one of the 9 Santa’s reindeer, with who trip around the world, delivering gifts on the night of December 24.

This tender reindeer, has a characteristic that make him special: a fairy conced him a red and shiny nose, that caused he was the laughingstock of his partners.

At a Christmas night, with a big storm, the reindeer’s had many trouble’s to follow the way between the wind and the clouds, because they didn’t see correctly. All of them was feared that this year the kids of the world not receive his gifts. But Santa saw Rudolph alone on a side, and he realized that his nose was shiny like a lamp. He approached him asking your help. Rudolph was the only opportunity that Santa had to be guided trough the storm.

He acepted and put himself on the first place to iluminate the way, to guide the sled trough the sky. The rest of the reindeers, who teased he, repented of that, and saw his big heart. He became to the lider of the group, and each night of Christmas, he leads the sled around the world.

A history with a lot to learn, and with a happy end.

Reindeer Baby Rudolph by Tarturumies

We loved to make this project, and you can enjoy it of different ways. You can choice to knit Rudolph with his boot, in order to hang them in the Christmas tree; or you can knit many boots to decorate the tree and the home; or knit the head only, if you have a little tree, but the idea that we like is to use him like a keychain.!!!!!   

We hope you like the idea and enjoy our
Christmas gift for all of you

Reindeer Baby Rudolph by Tarturumies

Baby Rudolph and the Tarturumies team wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!!!

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Cheer up and bring us your story, tell us why you have chosen our reindeer and share them with us !!!


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