Our Amigurumis Premium

We bring you a new adventure that we want to share with all of you.

Throughout the years, Tarturumies has been a creative project, where we can show the world our way of seeing and living it. We have had the pleasure and the luck of being able to be part of your lives together with all our amigurumis, which have accompanied you in many unforgettable moments.

To try to continue with this beautiful project we have started a new stage by opening our Etsy shop to be able to continue forward sharing more adventures together.

With the purchase of our premium patterns, you will collaborate so that the line of free amigurumis patterns continues to be that way and we can continue creating new designs.

We hope that you support us in this new stage and we thank you from the heart for being there so that this project remains possible.

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Amigurumi Premium The Alaria Bunny and the Galin Chick

We invite you to discover our Etsy Shop and enjoy these adorable Easter friends …

You will find the pattern in Spanish and English (US terminology)

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-Our patterns are copyrighted and are for personal use only. 
-You are NOT authorized to publish, share or sell them (totaly or in part) in any language.
-If you wish to share this pattern, you may link of our publication but please do not reprint it on your site. You are allowed to share the images of our amigurumis (without their pattern) as long as they name Tarturumies as their author and are accompanied by the link of our publication.
-It is also you may sell products made from this pattern on a small scale, but please clearly credit the design to us “Tarturumies”, and provide a link to our blog www.tarturumies.com. 
-Please mention us “Tarturumies” in your finalish work.
-You are NOT authorized to granted for mass production or factory manufacturing of any kind. 

Thank you for your participation 
We wait for you !!!