Tutorial Cake Box of Musical Instruments

This cake we made to celebrate the first year of the Music School “Euterpe Music” located in El Campello – Alicante in the Mediterranean. It is a wonderful place, set for you to feel at home and once you enter you no longer want to leave !. Very good professionals, and as we have said with an ideal environment. Those who enjoy music like us, we recommend you to get to know them, surely you will not regret it 😉 

Cake Box of Musical Instruments

We have made a summary of tricks to help create a cake shaped wooden box with musical themes. It measures 16cm tall (13cm with filling and 3cm more than the side covers) x 16cm p. x 16cm wide.
As a high cake, if you wish you can divide it into the middle with a thin cardboard base to make it easier then cut portions. We got about 16 servings of high 6.5cm / 8cm long / 2 cm wide by floor, about 32 portion in total.

Step 1: perform the 4 side with time to dry, around 2 days before depending on weather conditions. To do this, we use fondant mixed with: CMC or gum paste, to facilitate drying and firmness. Stretch out the fondant with a thickness of about 3 mm and cut a 16x16cm square. Once cut mark 3 linesacross the width, using a modeling tool, to simulate the wooden boards.These lines will be the most marked, but do it carefully avoiding passing across. Mark soft lines to simulate the texture of wood. Mark soft lines to simulate the texture of wood. Finally, we remain paint with brown coloring paste, diluted in vodka or other alcoholic beverage. Give the layers of paint needed to achieve the tone that they like (we reinforce the shadows with airbrush). Let dry.

Step 1 - Cake Box of Musical Instruments

Step 2: modeling instruments and decoration that you like best. Also with time and let dry.
Step 2 - Cake Box of Musical Instruments

Step 3: once dry, the sides and decoration, we start with the assembly of the cake. As previously discussed, being a high cake, we can divide it inside with a thin cardboard base. The cupcakes should be square, 15x15cm, flavor and filling, that you like. We use two chocolate cakes, cut in half remaining 4 floors. Two layers of chocolate ganache filling, and covered with vanilla buttercream. To support the weight put some thick straws cut to the level of each floor. Arming is as follows:

Cake – Filling – Cake – Sorbets – Carton Base – Cake -Filling – Cake.

When covering the cake with buttercream or ganache, be aware that the maximum width should match the sides of 16cm. Cool in the refrigerator.

Step 3 - Cake Box of Musical Instruments

Step 4: When cake has cooled, stretch black fondant and cut into square, to cover the top.
Step 4 - Cake Box of Musical Instruments

Step 5: one by one, let placing the sides in cake carefully.
Step 5 - Cake Box of Musical Instruments

Step 6: When the 4 side are already in place, we reinforced corners with some icing.
Step 6 - Cake Box of Musical Instruments

Step 7: airbrush, or colored powder paint lines simulating wood tables. And paint the corners for shading and make it a more realistic effect. Also we painted the inside which protrudes from the sides.
Step 7 - Cake Box of Musical Instruments

Step 8: cake ready, we will place the instruments on top for stability place a wooden stick to nail them in the cake and prevent movement. If you want to put musical notes, you just have to place them flowers wire. Just stick the rest is decoration we have made.
Step 8 - Cake Box of Musical Instruments

Step 9: to finish the decoration, placed around the instruments, mini marshmellows to simulate cork box packing.
Step 9 - Cake Box of Musical InstrumentsMore details of our musical cake…

We hope you have been useful this tutorial and that can make wonderful cakes 😀