Tutorial Dragon Ball Cake

We have made a summary of little tricks that can help you to make the structure of a cake, simulating, one of the dragon balls, with a height of about 40cm approx.

Dragon Ball Cake

Step 1: Assembling the base. The base is a little convoluted, but with help, can be done without problems.

28cmx28cmx3mm square, wooden board MDF + wooden plate 16cmx2,5cm + threaded rod and nut, both metric 5 + plastic straw (the widest possible). Screw the plate to the square, and implementing, with the drill a central hole (for thickness between the nut) but not to the other side of the plate. This hole will be to place the nut on the inside and able to hold the rod, which will place inside the cake, and cover with plastic straw to prevent take direct contact with the cake. The rod will holders for the cloud, which will place the top of it.

(The MDF board is achieved in DIY stores, wooden plate is achieved in bazaars, and rod and nut are available in hardware stores. The rod has a height of 30cm and should bend at one end, leaving it well 25cm high + 5cm over the bent portion at 45 °. to fold it, we have come to a workshop where have done so with a vise, and then edged the bent tip with stone bench. Surely it will not be something listen on a daily basis, but assured that the workshop know what to do, to say these steps;)).

Step 2: Once the above steps, the base cover with cellophane.

Step 3: We will have ready a cake shaped like a sphere. To this we will make a central hole with plastic straw (which we will use then), and leave hollow to the cake to go by mounting then.

Step 4: Cut the cake, being divided into three parts. We mark with sticks and then in assembling the parts match.

Step 5: We place a cardboard small circle (only to support the base of cake) with a hole made in a centered manner to match the plate. Then we will put the plastic straw into the hole. To stand firm and be able to work more comfortably, provisionally we placed a wooden skewers inside.

Step 6: We start with the assembly of the cake. Place the bottom by matching the hole previously made the cake with plastic straw, and focus. We put padding around the plastic straw and so we repeat with each layer until finished.

Step 7: We cover the cake, in our case we use Black Chocolate Ganache. We try to make it as round as possible.And at a time cold and firm, we remove the skewers inside the plastic straw. Cut the plastic straw, leaving about 5mm of height on the cake.

Step 8: We cover the cake with fondant. Once covered, so we look carefully where the straw is, we make a small hole with a wooden toothpick, and we enlarged by plastic straw. Next, place the rod carefully, screwing the nut base. We make sure it is secure.

Step 9: We covered the rod with fondant. We long cylinder with fondant and carefully go through the rod, and we’ll molding (the fondant that we use to cover the rod then will pull into the trash, it is not consumed). If you want, you make marks along the fondant to give texture. Finally, we put on the folded end through a cloud that we already prepared, and we join the fondant sticking of the rod to the base of the cloud.

The cloud did with a base of expanded polystyrene (egg-shaped), and fondant. On the base of expanded polystyrene, we will stick balls of different sizes of fondant, and then cover it with fondant, like a cake, so they are marked by accommodating the balls and look good shape cloud.

Step 10: It remains only to decorate, with decor that has been previously prepared. In our case, we did the dragon ball No. 4 with their respective stars, Sheng Long (Dragon), the rest of the Dragon Balls, and a Little Goku, to place it on the cloud 🙂

Step by Step  Dragon Ball Cake

We hope the tutorial are useful to make your beautiful creations !!