Tutorial “Illona” Cake

A simple and elegant cake at the same time ??? Of course!!!!

With a pastry sleeve and a little imagination we can make a vintage decoration nothing complicated, giving an elegant tint to our cake in a moment.

Tarta Illona Tarturumies

In this case, we used vegetable whipped cream, being a good alternative to classic whipped cream when we need the cake is out of the refrigerator, as it can be conserved without problems.

Tarta Illona TarturumiesIf you dare to try this new option, make sure it is suitable for baking and consider, which as its name suggests, is of vegetable origin so do not forget to check that contains ingredients if they are allergic to any of them.

Tarta Illona TarturumiesWe show you a step by step in images easy and fast to decorate with the vegetable whipped creme and that you can do it without problems and obtaining an ideal result.

Paso a Paso Tarta Illona Tarturumies

Now just practice and enjoy !!!