Amigurumi Pattern: Baby Blanket Anahí Bunny

Our Bunny is here to accompany the little ones in their first steps ♥♥♥

Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern
Baby Blanket Bunny < Anahí >

Let’s learn a little about it … What is an baby blanket?

The baby blankets are a special transitional object for the baby, at bedtime helps the little one to feel accompanied and safe as if Mom were there. This way, allows the process of transition, leaving the dependency with his mom to obtain greater autonomy. It allows the baby to tolerate the separation of the mother with more calm and to quieten down during her absence.

How does the baby blanket work?

It is usually ideal to incorporate the blanket into the baby’s life around 4 to 8 months of the baby, since that is when separation begins, where the little one begins to want to be more independent. Before giving the blanket to the baby, it would be good that Mom have the blanket with her for a few days while sleep, to make it smell and the little one accept it even more easily.

Our Bunny Blanket and her history …

Last year, we had the great news that one of our best friends would have his first baby … We have’d the idea to do something special and functional for the little one … And so came this sweetness of blanket for that special baby … She has traveled 7500 miles to meet her new best friend and we hope that they can enjoy together

Welcome Anahí !

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Pattern Baby Blanket – Anahí Bunny


  • ch = chain stitch
  • dc = double crochet
  • dec = decrease
  • FO = fasten off
  • inc = increase
  • mm = millimeter(s)
  • mr = magic ring
  • sc = single crochet
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • st = stitch
  • rep = repeat
  • rnd(s)= round(s)
  • * * x…= repeat instructions in asterisks … times
  • Continuous round = Crochet all followed, without closing the rounds.
  • Joined round = Go closing every rounds and climb to the next turn with a chain.
  • Worked in Rows = Crochet in a base of chains and turning the crochet at the end each row.


  • Yarn (for crochet hooks 3 – 3.5 mm/~ 2mm wide)
    Colors: White – Fucsia – Turquoise  
  • Yarn (for crochet hooks 2 – 2.5 mm/~ 1mm wide)
    Colors: Light Pink – Light  Brown
  • Felt
    Color: Light Pink
  • Thread (to sew the felt parts)
    Color: Light Pink
  • Fiberfill (to stuff)


  • Yarn (for crochet hooks 3 – 3.5 mm/~ 2mm wide)
    Colors: Turquoise – Light Pink . Fucsia – Bone White


  • 2,5mm Crochet Hook (Clover Soft Touch – UK 12)
  • 3,5mm Crochet Hook (Clover Soft Touch – US E/4 – UK 9)
  • Yarn Needle (for sew amigurumi parts)
  • Thread Needle (for sew felt parts)
  • Scissors – Pencil – Ruler.


Worked in continuous round – 3,5mm Hook
Round Stitches Description
1 6 Magic Ring
2 12
*1 inc* x6
3 18 *1 sc , 1 inc* x6
4 24 *2 sc , 1 inc* x6
5 30 *3 sc , 1 inc* x6
6 36 *4 sc , 1 inc* x6
7 42 *5 sc , 1 inc* x6
8 – 10 42 1sc in each st
11 36 *5sc , 1 dec* x6
12 30 *4sc , 1 dec* x6
13 24 *3sc , 1 dec* x6
14 18 *2sc , 1 dec* x6
15 12 *1sc , 1 dec* x6
16 6 *1 dec* x6
Stuff the head as you crochet. FO, leaving a long tail. 


Worked in continuous round – 3,5mm Hook
Round Stitches Description
1 6 Magic Ring
2 9
*1 sc, 1 inc* x3
3 – 5 9 1sc in each st
6 12 *2 sc, 1 inc* x3
7 15 *3 sc, 1 inc* x3
8 18 *4 sc, 1 inc* x3
9 – 13 18 1sc in each st
14 15  *4 sc, 1 dec* x3
15 15 1sc in each st
16 12 *3 sc, 1 dec* x3
17 – 21 12 1sc in each st
Don’t stuff. FO, leaving a long tail.


Worked in continuous round –  3,5mm Hook
Round Stitches Description
1 4 Magic Ring
2 6
*1 sc, 1 inc* x2
3 6 1sc in each st
FO, leaving a green long tail. 



Worked in continuous round – 3,5mm Hook
Hilera Puntos Descripción
1 6 Magic Ring
2 12 *1 inc* x6
3 18 *1 sc, 1 inc* x6
4 – 8 18 1sc in each st
9 12 *1 sc, 1 dec* x6
10 – 19 12 1sc in each st
Stuff the arms from more to less, from the widest end to the narrowest end. FO, leaving a long tail.


BABY BLANKET Worked in joined round – 2,5mm Hook
Make the blanket with the help of the diagram below.
If you want to do it with the same color combination (turquoise – light pink . fucsia – bone white) help with the images to follow the order.


Cut 2 pieces in pink felt for the ears. Use the crochet ears as stencil. Once drawn on the felt, cut a little smaller than the drawing to fit the pieces of felt inside the crochet ears. Sew or glue each piece to the ears.

(we recommend sewing them on this occasion to make it safer for babies).


1.- Sew the ears to the head between Rnds.3 and 6 (counting from the top).
2.- Embroider the nose (with yarn of 1mm light pink) of centered form, on the Rnd.9 counting from the top. Use 2sc of top base and go embroidering it downwards in peak to give it triangle shape.
3.- Embroider the eyes(with yarn of 1mm light brown) on the middle of Rnds.7 and 8, use the reference nose. Embroider one eye on each side, use 4sc on each and leave 4sc distance between them. Once the long line of the eye is embroidered, embroider another smaller one that will make of eyelash, from the 3rd sc to the 4th sc (counting from inside out), embroider towards the row of the top and of diagonal form.
4.- Sew the flower next to one of the ears.
5.- Sew the arms together, on the open ends so that it’s in one piece.
6.- Sew the head centered on the middle of the union of the arms.
7.- Sew the bunny in the center of the blanket, facing the one of the peaks.
NOTE: To make the assembly, always follow the instructions and the images. It will be much easier to understand the steps.

And you’re done !!!  Enjoy your sweet Bunny!!!

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Cheer up and bring us your story, tell us why you have chosen our adorable bunny for your baby and share her with us !!!


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