Amigurumi Prehistoric: Kiara the cavegirl and his saber-tooth tiger, Din

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 Kiara, the cavegirl and his saber-tooth tiger friend, Din

We’re pleased to present you two little sweetnesses, they’re our new members of the Tarturumies family.
Our new friends are our humble participation in the contest by Amigurumi Patterns website “AMIGURUMI PREHISTORIC TIMES DESIGN CONTEST” ? and we hope you help us by voting!

Kiara dedicates every day to discover new caves where she can do what likes the most … Painting! She is a lover of the creation of cave paintings and enjoys creating her works with the company of his little friend Din 

It’s our second year participating in this great contest, last year we have enjoyed together with Xylon, had a great time and this year will be even better.

We love this contest, the best is to enjoy seeing all the great designs presented by the contestants, one more beautiful than the other

Voting will take place from November 24 till until the last hour of December 1, 2018 by the audience of . In order to vote for our little ones, we leave the link and the steps to follow to vote correctly.


Steps to vote:

1.- Give Kiara your vote (if we count on your vote) marking the red heart , this should turn green  + click on 9 ♥ of other characters (10 characters in total for the vote to be valid).

2.- Enter your name and e-mail in the green pop-up screen to submit your vote.

3.- You will receive an e-mail to confirm your vote, you must click on the link they send there to finish validating your vote. (you can only participate once).

IMPORTANT! Voters also have a prize so take advantage of participating with your votes…

At the moment, the Kiara and Din pattern will not be available, we’ll work on them to bring and enjoy them… Meanwhile, pamper them with your vote 

We hope you help us make Kiara and Din feel very special


Click aquí para versión en Español


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