Amigurumi Patterns Contest 2020 – Our contestants “Bella & Rudie”, “Melman and his friends”!

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Today we are very happy to present the participants that we have chosen to participate this year in the contest by Amigurumi Patterns website “DESIGN CONTEST – AMIGURUMIS CELEBRATIONS” and we hope you help us by voting for them!

Amigurumis: Bella Doll & Rudie Reindeer and 
Melman Hippo and his friends


It is our third year participating in this great contest. We love this contest, the best thing is to be able to enjoy seeing all the great designs that the contestants present, one more beautiful than the other 

Our first time participating was back in 2017, we did it together with the little Xylon, finishing in the 22nd position. We had such a good time that in 2018 we wanted to go through the experience again and this time we participated together with our adorable cavegirl Kiara and her sweet friend Din. To our great surprise, Kiara and Din managed to position themselves in 3rd place and it was a huge joy for us ♥ 

This year will be a new experience, we participate with two candidates at the same time, as we have mentioned before … Our adorable Little Doll “Bella & Rudie” is representing Christmas, and to complete the experience we decided to honor the little Hippo Melman who represents the Birthday.



Bella is a sweet little girl who loves to celebrate Christmas with her best friend, Rudie the reindeer. Together, they make Christmas unique. Her vintage-style dress, matching bow and little Rudie make her an adorable little girl… If you want these little ones to have a chance in the contest, you can help us by voting for their participation here



This year Melman has turned 3 years old, he is one of our most beloved amigurumis and has been present in thousands of celebrations around the world, bringing happiness to many people and making those important moments very special … This time honoring him, we hope to return all that affection, if you want this to be a special moment for him, you can help us by voting for his participation here

The voting is taking place in the audience of and you can now vote, you have until the last minute of December 07, 2020 (UTC + 1). In order to vote for our little ones we leave the links and the steps to follow to vote correctly.


Steps to vote:

1.- Give Bella and Melman your votes (yes! you can vote at 2 if you wish) marking the red heart , this should turn green  + click on 8 ♥ of other characters (10 characters in total for the vote to be valid).

2.- Enter your name and e-mail in the green pop-up screen to submit your vote.

3.- You will receive an e-mail to confirm your vote, you must click on the link they send there to finish validating your vote. (you can only participate once).

If you want to vote for both, you can do so by going to the voting links and once one of them appears in the first square, you must look for the one that is missing from the rest of the participants, enjoy discovering so many beautiful designs …

Voters also have a prize so take advantage of participating with your votes…


The pattern of our little ones Bella and Rudie can be found available in our Etsy shop here

The pattern of our adorable Melman and Pi is free and can be found on our website here 


We hope you help us make our little ones feel very special


Click aquí para versión en Español


The results of the @amigurumipatterns contest are here and we have all together achieved that Melman has a 5th place, he has been among the top 10 ??? ? … and what to say about the little Bella & Rudie who have achieved 12th place in among 641 participants … this is the best Christmas gift we could have and it is thanks to all of you and the support you always give us, we will be eternally grateful for all the love you give us, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ???


USING: Our patterns are registered with all rights reserved and they are only for personal use. You can use our patterns to make our amigurumis for yourself, your family and your friends. If you share the finished amigurumi in your social networks, we would appreciate you mentioning us as authors of the design, that gesture would help more people to know us and enjoy with us. 

SELLING: You’re allowed to sell the amigurumis that you make with our patterns on a small scale, but please give us the credit of the design and provide a link to our website Please mention us in your finalish work. 

SHARING: You’re allowed to share the images of our amigurumis in your social networks or website (without the pattern) but you must name us as the author of the design and must be accompanied by the link on our website. If you share, we will appreciate it, if you doing so helps us to continue growing, creating and enjoying the beautiful art of amigurumis. 

NO: Our patterns or parts of them can ́t: distribute them, resell them, translate them into any language, alter them, reproduce them, publish them, share them or post them (free or for sale) on the internet or in any other type of medium. 

Thank you for being respectful and for your understanding!