Ideas of Cakes Designs in Fondant

We bring you a variety of cakes with fondant that we have made in Tarturumies, original and fun ideas to enjoy in your celebrations!

We started …

The Minions have a lot of rhythm !!! We love these little ones 🙂
Minions Cake

The cake of suitcases is a fresh and original idea. We have thus received one of our mothers … and you ??? … who will receive with so much affection ?? Come on!! Make it to someone that you want the person will surely be thrilled with the detail 😀
Suitcases Cake

When 3 friends take flight to dream !! ♥ ♥ ♥
Sweet Table Baptism of Animals by Tarturumies

No matter what other spectacular boats appear, he will always want the Black Pearl ♥ Jack Sparrow. – If you want to see more about this movie cake just click here
Pirates of the Caribbean Cake

If you want to leave everyone amazed, your cake is a giant Minion 😀 – If you want to see the tutorial of this funny Minion just click here
Minion Cake

If you want to see a tutorial of this cake with airs of sea breezes just click here

Wonderful castle for Princess Elsa … This time it is not a cake, the castle is RKT but it is ideal to place on our cakes. – If you want to see more about him just click here
Castle Frozen

A tender bear and a sweet train can steal our heart – If you want to see the tutorials of the bear, the train and the initial just click here
Sweet Table Baptism Teddy Bear by Tarturumies

“There are times when a gesture says it all” Goku. – If you want to see the tutorial of the structure of our cake just click here
Dragon Ball Cake

What an illusion makes us receive the gifts that bring us Santa Claus ♥
Sweet Christmas Table by Tarturumies

When words are missing …. Music speaks ♪♫♪ – If you want to see the tutorial of our musical cake just click here
Cake Box of Musical Instrument

Because you stole my heart and there is no turning back ♥ ♥ ♥
Wedding Cake

A very sweet bunny – If you want to see their step by step just click here
Sweet Bunny Cake

“When a flower is opened, it is spring all over the world” ♥ Alejandro Jodorowsky
Basket Flowers Cake

“No matter what pain your heart has, if you keep believing, the desire you want will come true.” ♥ Cinderella. – If you want to see the step by step of this beautiful carriage fondant to decorate your cakes just click here
Cinderella Carriage Cake

The cold to me never bothered me “♥ Frozen – Beautiful Princess Elsa to make kids happy!
Frozen Cake